Saturday, January 24, 2009

Braincsan kat JJ Bukit Tinggi.....

Ahmad Idham
Nik Adruce, Erin Malek, Eric Fuzi, Faten, Sharifah Shahirah
Comedy,Science Fiction
Run Time:

Dr. Suzana (Sharifah Shahira) has successfully invented a machine called BS21, which is capable of reading people's mind and to be used for military purposes. What most people do not know is that BS21 can also grant the wishes of its' beholder. Cat and his sidekick Kupan stole BS21 from Dr. Suzana's lab but threw it out of the car window in a state of panic when pursued by the police. The next day, young lad Ijat (Nik Adruce) found the machine by the side of the road and BS21 changes his life.

(hehehe....sinopsis ni aku copy dari TGV.....)

Untuk mengubat rasa kesedihan ayng teramat sangat atas keguguran aku ni,sabtu 10/01/2009 aku bawa anak-anak gi menonton wayang cerita ni...


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